Dr. Rene Laky

Division of Gynecology,

Medical University of Graz

Monika Laky, MA

Tour Support,
International Communications

Mag. Mario Szvetits


Alfred Schaffer

Tour Support Bus

Nicolae David

Film Team

Team Riders

Ignacio Zapardiel MD, PhD.

Lanner Maximilian,

Prim.DDr. Christian Hammerer

Hynek Opolecký

Dr. Daniel Boschitz

Dr. Jirí Presl

Dr. Julian Kern

Dr. Mikel Gorostidi, MS

Michael Schaffer

Sabrina Katzenberger

Stefan Strohmayer

Martin Tupy

Sandra Amon

Ulrike Hager

Loretta Kodada

Thomas Pilgerstorfer

Joachim Schiefer

Piotr Lepka

Paulina Lepka

Henrik Arnold

Luise Schaffer

Harald Fuchs

Isabella Hold

Advisory Board for medicine & nutrition

Ass. Prof. Dr. Murat Gultekin

Gynaecological oncologist
Director, Cancer Control Dep.
Turkish Ministry of Health

Claudia Petru, MPH

Nutrition expert and dietician
Frauen- und Brustkrebshilfe Österreich

Dr. Edgar Petru, Univ. Prof.

Gynaecological oncologist
Frauen- und Brustkrebshilfe Österreich

Prim.Univ.-Doz.Dr.Lukas Hefler

KH BH Schwestern Linz
Petrol Ribbon initiative

Mag. Esther Sandrieser

KH BH Schwestern Linz
Petrol Ribbon initiative


Manuela Riegler

Overall Snowboard
Worldcup Winner

Claudia Riegler

Professional Snowboarder

Beate Schrott

Olympic Athlete Hurdle Race

Rene Haselbacher

Tour de France Rider

Sebastian Prödl

Soccer Player,
Werder Bremen

Manuel Ortlechner

Soccer Player,
FK Austria Wien

Ana Megido

Co-owner of KM5 Ibiza
Promoter of Lady’s Soul

Willi Gabalier

Show Star

Julia Dujmovits

Snowboard Parallel-Slalom,
Olympic Champion

Anna Tur DJ

Director Ibiza Global Radio

Peter „Paco“ Wrolich

Tour de France Rider

Andreas Ivanschitz

Soccer Player, Levante UD

Bert Grabsch

Time Trial World Champion

Bernd Wiesberger

Top 50 Golf Player

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