Knowledge helps protect your health

Knowledge helps protect your health

Worldwide, about 1.2 million cases of “female” cancers are diagnosed each year. The common feature of this group of tumours is that the chances of recovery from them are higher than 90 percent if they are diagnosed at an early stage and treated promptly. But if the disease has already spread and formed so-called metastases in other parts of the body, the likelihood of a full recovery is less than 25 percent.

The emergence of malignant tumours can often be avoided by taking preventive measures. The most important of these is an annual check-up at the gynaecologist. In the course of a consultation, the doctor can assess the risk factors, discuss possible changes in lifestyle and – if needed – initiate treatment. Women who regularly go to a preventive screening are unlikely to fall through the safety net, because nearly all malignant diseases and their precursors are discovered in the course of the annual check-up. In addition, the risk of cancer can be lowered through a healthy lifestyle with regular physical exercise, weight-loss (if overweight), a balanced diet, moderate alcohol consumption and avoiding cigarettes.

Prevention – the key measures

  • Annual check-ups at the gynaecologist
  • HPV vaccination
  • Taking serious and clarifying early symptoms, such as irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, an unexplained increase in the size of the abdomen or a constant sensation of fullness
  • Regular mammography (breast X-ray), at the very latest from age 50
  • Coloscopy from age 50
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Avoiding overweight
  • A balanced diet
  • Regular physical activity
  • No smoking

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